Music Master Pro Review – Scam Alert

learn guitarLearn guitar, bass, violin, and drums all in one place for a single fee! Sounds almost perfect doesn’t it. The Music Master Pro system claims to offer all for instruments in a single place for a single price.

In this Music Master Pro review, we will discuss whether or not the Music Master Pro actually hits its mark.

For a program with such high aim and such promise, the Music Master Pro almost sounds too good to be true.

And it is.

But before we discuss why, let’s at least go over the things that Music Master Pro has going for it.

Music Master Pro only requires one payment. For that single payment, you gain lifetime access to the site. This is a great help, as many of us not only lose track of payments, but let’s face it; we find monthly payments unattractive. They also provide PDF’s that cover each and every lesson that they provide, and all lessons are video lessons, so you can actually see what is being played.

Now for the negative portion of our Music Master Pro review; with all that promises made about how awesome the course is, what went wrong?

Everything. Music Master Pro provides seven pages of PDF lessons because, get this, they only provide roughly twenty video lessons total, so technically they cover all of the course material with the PDF’s. The videos are rough and grainy, which makes it nearly impossible to see what the instructor is playing. Basically, the lessons look like they were shot with a cheap web camera.

They don’t update lessons. One of the first promises made by the site was that they would update lessons regularly and provide constant material. There hasn’t been a new lesson uploaded since the sites birth. There is also zero customer support, so don’t count on getting any help with the twenty provided lessons. Basically, the owners stick to the motto you’re on your own.

The site is littered with banners and ads for other programs, for illegal downloads, and many other spam-related things. Not only is this unsightly, but it means a single misguided click can wind you up with some nasty malware or even a virus. Paid lessons SHOULD NOT have ads or spammy banners on their sites.

Before you can use any of the lessons, you must first download them onto your computer. The site is slow and buggy, so it takes quite a while for the lessons to load up.

The worst part of the site is their FAQ’s section. In it, they basically promote the site as the greatest site of all time, claiming things such as “Call us! We hang out with our members all day” and “Absolutely new material every month.” Basically, the site in and of itself is a scam. What’s worse is that it is a poorly executed one as well.

The site gives off the vibe that the instructors simply became bored and chucked the idea, leaving all of the payment methods still linked to their accounts. This means that if you require a refund, you are out of luck as far as contacting the staff goes. You will need to file a claim through your payment method with Clickbank.

It Is In Your Best Interest To Pass On Music Master Pro Completely.

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Guitar Success System Achieves a VERY BAD Rating of 0/5