Best Acoustic Guitar Starter Kit

guitar classesLearning the acoustic guitar isn’t very hard. Unfortunately, the hardest part about learning is finding the proper guitar to learn on.

This isn’t always easy; there are too many companies offering too many packages for you to see clearly, especially if you don’t know much about the instrument to begin with.

Advertising is great, but it doesn’t always mean that what you are buying is any better than anything else available.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best available acoustic guitar starter kits that will help you to start the guitar out on the right foot without having to go through all of the confusion of comparing and contrasting each individual guitar package on your own.

Before we do this, you need to remember something; these packages that we chose are based on our opinions of the product itself. This doesn’t entirely reflect the package in other’s eyes, as many people have differing opinions on everything from politics (yes, very much so) to guitars (believe it or not, they are debated just as much).

If these packages don’t seem right for you, don’t force yourself to choose one of them; we’re only talking about our two personal favorites.

This doesn’t mean these are the only decent guitars available for you to buy, so don’t feel that way. Always do your research before buying anything, no matter whose opinion you have heard. It may not always match your own.

Recommended Acoustic Guitar Starter Kits

The first of our best acoustic guitar packages for beginners is the Dean AK48 Acoustic Guitar Package. Dean tends to put out some very solid guitars, and one of the best qualities is that they play very well for their price range, whichever range that may be.

This guitar is made with a basswood body, basswood top, and basswood sides, a maple neck, and a rosewood fret board with twenty-one frets (the most common acoustic fret amount, in case you are wondering).

You get a gig bag with the guitar, as well as some guitar picks and a pitch pipe. A pitch pip is just a fancy name for an acoustic guitar tuner with which you tune the notes of the guitar to the pitch being emitted. This is a great tool as it will help you to start developing your musical ear early on.

Our second favorite acoustic guitar package for beginners is the Takamine S35 by Jasmine Acoustic Guitar Package. This pack includes a Jasmine guitar, which have great playability for beginner acoustic guitars.

It also includes a gig bag, a sampler packet of picks (sixteen in all, of different gauges), a guitar strap, and a set of strings. A great little package with a good entry guitar to get you started off right.

In the end, the decision comes down to what you want and what you like as a guitarist. Don’t feel the need to buy one of these guitar packages just because we mentioned them; there are tons more on the market, and if you aren’t certain, you shouldn’t buy. Good luck!